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Connected Filtration Towers

The modular and compact design of the Connected Filtration Towers lead to a very small footprint. The Connected Filtration Towers consist of a variable numbers of Filtration Modules per Filtration Tower and a variable number of Filtration Towers per connected unit. They also come with an integrated air scouring system, filtered water & backwash piping and sprinkler system.

Applicable for

Drinking Water Sewage

Project Size


Fields of ApplicationDrinking WaterSewage
No. of Filtration Towers48101214164810121416
No. of Filtration Modules per Tower*712
Total Filtration Area []112224280336392448192384480576672768
Total Weight [kg]1,2502,3503,1003,7004,3004,9001,8003,5004,4505,3506,2507,150
Height [mm]2,5003,150
Width [mm]1,600
Length [mm]1,3702,6953,3604,0254,6905,3551,3702,6953,3604,0254,6905,355
Type of Ceramic Flat MembraneCFM
Type of Filtration ModuleFiltration Module T-Series
*Other No. of Filtration Towers/Filtration Modules upon request

Connected Filtration Towers with 4/8/16 towers

Connected Filtration Towers with 16 towers