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Slim Fit Tank

The Slim Fit Tank is delievered with a pre-fabricated filtration tank with all inlet and outlet connections as well as sludge slope. The numbers of Filtration Towers or Filtration Racks per Slim Fit Tank can be varied. It has an integrated air scouring system, filtered water & backwash piping as well as a sprinkler system.

Applicable for

Drinking Water 

Project Size

Small Medium

Type of Slim Fit TankSlim Fit Tank CSlim Fit Tank R
Type of Frame DesignConnected Filtration TowerFiltration Rack Mini
No. of Filtration Towers12345648
No. of Filtration Modules per Tower710
Total Filtration Area [m²]285684112140168160320
Total Weight [kg]6301,0001,3701,7402,1102,4802,5006,650
Height [mm]2,2402,550
Width [mm]9701,0202,180
Length [mm]1,4402,1902,9403,6904,4405,1902,740
Type of Ceramic Flat MembraneCFM
Type of Filtration ModuleFiltration Module T-Series

Slim Fit Tanks C & R design

Slim Fit Tanks C with 2/4/6 Connected Filtration Towers

Slim Fit Tank C with 4 Connected Filtration Towers

Slim Fit Tank R with 1/2 Filtration Racks Mini

Slim Fit Tank R with 1 Filtration Rack Mini

Slim Fit Tank R with 2 Filtration Racks Mini