Cer@Well® System

Disnfection and Dechlorination Unit with Cer@Well®

Ceramic, Clean, Combined, Complete

The Cer@Well® Unit provides a complete solution for the supply of drinking water to small communities or individual buildings with up to 400 consumers. It combines two cutting-edge technologies to produce water that fulfills the highest standards of purity and taste. Not only is it safe for consumption, but it also free from the undesirable taste and odor of chlorine that often accompanies sanitized water.

 Quick Facts

  • Ceramic flat membranes for extreme durability and high performance
  • Clean drinking water fulfilling highest quality standards
  • Combined filtration and disinfection process for maximum efficiency
  • Complete water treatment solution for small communities and buildings

  Product Advantages

  • 400 consumers can be supplied per unit
  • Crystal clear water free from impurities and safe from microorganisms
  • Tasty and fresh beverage free from chlorine
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Low energy consumption


 Target Contaminants

  • TSS
  • Bacteria
  • Germs and Pathogenese
  • Oil & Grease/Hydrocarbons
  • Chlorine