Ceramic Membrane

Nanotechnology in Water Filtration

Packed into a Comprehensive Product Program – the Perfect Solution for your Water & Wastewater Ultrafiltration 

The CFM Systems® technology with ItN´s Ceramic Flat Membranes, Ceramic Ultrafiltration, Ceramic UF and ItN's process know-how covers a wide range of filtration applications with specific treatment and removal targets. The in-house engineering and development team has created treatment solutions that are groundbreaking in terms of removal rates, costs and performance.

  Product Advantages

  • High performance in flux: up to 650 l/m2h
  • High water recovery rate: 98-99,5 %
  • Ceramic membrane material offers superior mechanical, thermal and chemical durability
  • Long membrane life time: +20 years
  • Very wide range of applications
  • Easily sizable from small test and mobile units to large scale industrial facilities

Our Core Technology - The Ceramic Flat Membrane

CFM Systems®, Ceramic Flat Membrane, combines the advantages of an asymmetric inorganic filter and submerged flat membrane filtration.
The advanced design enables an unprecedent technical and economical water treatment in different fields of applications.