RO & Sea Water Pretreatment, Ceramic Membrane

Revolutionary state of the art technology for RO pretreatment in seawater desalination plants and for all RO systems in municipal, industrial and waste water treatment plants

Cer@Sea® is developed as an innovative solution to optimize RO pretreatment by increasing the RO life time, minimizes the capital and operational costs of the whole desalination plant by utilizing a high performance ultrafiltration ceramic flat membranes, CFM Systems®. With Cer@Sea®, ItN offers the complete solution for cost effective pretreatment for reverse osmosis with systems with ceramic ultrafiltration, CFM Systems®.


 Quick Facts

  • Pretreatment + CFM Systems® + RO --> desalination plant
  • Large scale references with more than 150.000 m3/d
  • Red tide and algae removal in sea water
  • RO pretreatment with ceramic flat membranes, CFM Systems®
  • Every 2-6 months chemical backwash
  • Flux rate 350 - 650 l/m2h
  • Less chemical consumption in comparison to other methods: 85 % less chemical consumption in comparison to sand filters in 5 years, 55 % less chemical consumption in comparison to UF polymer membranes in 5 years
  • Backwash once per day
  • SDI < 2
  • 99 % iron removal
  • 98 % manganese removal

  Product Advantages

  • Minimum process units for desalination plant with ceramic UF
  • Increased RO life time
  • Compatible with other pretreatment steps as flocculation and precipitation
  • UF life time +20 years
  • Recovery rate 98 - 99.5 % of produced water in ceramic ultrafiltration
  • Low sludge production
  • High effluent quality: turbidity < 0.1 NTU
  • High resistance against high temperature up to 60 C°
  • Less chemical backwash
  • Low energy consumption 0,154 kwh/m3
  • Minimum CAPEX & OPEX


 Target Contaminants

  • TSS
  • Turbidity
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Red tide, algea
  • Oil & grease/hydrocarbons
  • Bacteria



Cer@Sea®, the innovative system for seawater pretreatment with ultrafiltration ceramic flat membranes ultrafiltration has a lower OPEX and CAPEX in comparison to the conventional systems for RO pretreatment.

Ceramic membranes replace all traditional sand filters and polymeric membranes and are compatible with different chemical steps. Therefore, there is no need for any cartridge, sand filters or polymeric membranes. With the initial pretreatment + ceramic membranes CFM Systems®, ItN is able to provide the effective reliable system for reverse osmosis pretreatment. In a five-year period, ItN's system has 55 % less OPEX in comparison to polymeric membranes and 85 % less OPEX in comparison to sand filters.

Furthermore, by reducing the process units and all other types of filters, the CAPEX of whole pretreatment is reduced via Cer@Sea®

Comparison CFM Systems® with polymer membrane system
Ultra-FiltrationPolymer membraneCFM Systems®
Membrane materialPVDF, PTFE, PE, PES, PPCeramic
Pre-oxidationLimited (material limits)Can be maximized due to usage of strong oxidants
Flux rates40 – 120 l/m²h350 – 650 l/m²h
Backflush mode12 – 48 times per dayOnce a day [120 sec.]
Recovery rate60 – 90 %99.5 %
Transmembrane pressure100 – 300 mbarUp to 700 mbar
Chemical cleaningWeekly or monthlyEvery 2 – 6 months (as needed)
Iron and manganese removal> 90 %> 98 %
SDI< 2 – 3< 2