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Sewage Treatment Plant Ceramic MBR

In July 2013, ItN was able to take into operation a sewage treatment plant in Petersberg, Germany using with the most advanced ceramic flat membrane technology. The robustness of the flat sheet membrane and the process stability provide an effluent quality enabling direct discharge into a natural creek nearby.

The plant which complies with all the clients’ requirements can be operated in different modes, ensuring optimized power consumption under diverse conditions - in extremely dry weather just as during storm water.


  • Community Thaleischweiler-Froeschen, Germany

Project Status    

  • Civil works construction 2012
  • Installation electro-mechanical equipment and CFM Systems® May 2013
  • Plant start-up July 2013

Project Targets    

    • New build plant with robust disinfection of treated water (discharge to small creek)
    • Compact plant design with consideration of peak rain cases (high storm water flow)
    • Pre-fabricated EMC skid concept for fast installation at site
    • Treatment and removal of COD/BOD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus
    • Low energy consumption


    • 1,344 m³/d (peak storm water case)
    • 500 m³/d (average inflow)
    • 150 m³/d (min flow)
    Raw Water (max. value)
    Filtered Water
    (avg. value)
    legal value

    BODppm550< 220
    Total Bacterial Counts
    CFU/mlMatching excellent levels of EU bathing water regulation for direct discharge into sensitive inland water.
    Power Consumption
    kWhr/m³0.6 (peak storm water case)
    1.0 (dry weather case)

    Thanks to ItN’s ceramic flat membranes the effluent of the MBR plant Petersberg has such a high quality that it can be directly discharged into a nearby natural creek. Combined with the considerable cost advantage compared to separation through sedimentation, requiring secondary disinfection, ItN ceramic flat membranes offer higher quality while requiring fewer chemicals. This ensures highest quality standards in sewage treatment and sustainably protects the environment.

    The modern Ceramic MBR design using pre-fabricated electro-mechanical and control equipment led to a fast and cost-efficient installation period on site.

    The modular process with four ceramic filtration trains ensures an optimized operation during dry weather or highest storm water cases. An intermittent air scouring of the ceramic flat membranes contributes further to save energy.

    The robustness of the ceramic filters ensures lowest service, maintenance, cleaning and replacement costs, thus minimizing operational costs in the long term.

    Activated sludge biological treatment with denitrification & nitrification

    Closed four filtration trains

    Opened filtration train with seven Single Filtration Towers

    Pre-fabricated filtration skids