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Sewage Treatment Plant MBCR

The water environment around sea ports is very sensitive due to severe pollution. The discharge of any kind of sewage requires highest treatment standards based on strong local regulations. Red Sea Gate and plant contractor therefore selected the most robust filtration material and durable process design using ItN Nanovation’s MBCR process technology. The plant was put into operation in October 2011 and is currently treating municipal sewage of up to 150 m³/d. Since then, the MBCR process has been operating stably, so far NO membrane service or maintenance were necessary. The first chemical cleaning was required 12 months after commissioning.


  • Red Sea Gate Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • VWS Veolia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Project Status    

  • October 2011 Installation & Commissioning of first filtration train 150 m³/d

Project Targets    

    • Biological treatment of municipal sewage
    • Filtration of biologically treated sewage by ceramic membranes
    • Discharge of filtered water into Red Sea (sea port area)


    • 150 m³/d (phase 1)
    • 300 m³/d (phase 2)
    Raw Water
    CFM Systems®
    CODppm500< 50
    BODppm250< 10
    TSSppm200approx. 0.0

    CIP Chemical CleaningAfter 12 months with NaOCl and citric acid
    Membrane ReplacementZERO replacement since start of operation

    The MBBR biological treatment step is insensitive to high peak flows and ensures a permanent and maximum reduction of COD and BOD.

    The subsequent CFM Systems® filtration process guarantees a discharge free of suspended solids and a complete disinfection due to the reliable removal of microorganisms. The filtered water quality meets the EU Bathing water regulation Standard, contributing to reduced pollution of the sea port area.

    Due to very high security standards around the Red Sea Gate frequent site visits are not possible for the operator. VWS Veolia implemented therefore a complete plant-monitoring system. The durable operation of the plant with very low requirements on service and maintenance, especially for CFM Systems®, led to a stable operation even without frequent site visits. A first chemical cleaning of the CFM Systems® membranes was only necessary after 12 months of operation. No membrane replacement or  additional membrane service has been required so far.

    The MBCR process generates very low amounts of excess sludge volume. The implemented settling step of collected excess sludge has reached a stage in which the sludge discharge by truck is needed only few times per year.

    Depending on the development of Red Sea Gate it is planned to extend the plant capacity from currently 150 m³/d to up to 300 m³/d. All required civil works have been already prepared.  Once additional CFM Systems® Single Filtration Towers are installed in the currently empty second MBBR chamber, the capacity is doubled.

    Raw water storage tank and screen

    MBBR tanks and CFM tanks

    MBBR biofilm carrier

    CFM Single Filtration Towers

    Water qualities (raw water, filtered water)