Case Studies

ISKI Ataköy, Turkey: Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI)
Volume: 50 m³/d

The MBCR compact filtration container is a unique tool to treat municipal and industrial waste water for smaller entities up to about 3,000 PE. The big advantages are shown during the trial at Ataköy plant.

The MBCR reliable performance has been confirmed by the govermental institute "Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration":

  • Maximum BOD & COD removal
  • Effective biological removal of Ntot, NO3-N, NH4-N, Ptot in the MBCR container
  • Cost-effective CAPEX and OPEX in comparison to convential methods 


Coking Plant ZKS, Germany: Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Client: Zentralkokerei Saar, Coke Plant, Saarland, Germany
Location: Dillingen, Saarland
Volume: 10 m³/d

Piloting took place from 2014 to 2016. Coking plant waste water is very harsh wastewater and contains very high COD and toxic material such as cyanide.

ItN has developed a new patented process for coking plants to remove COD, cyanide and TSS simultaneously from wastewater with ceramic flat membranes using CFM Systems®. This piloting project has been carried out for 2 years at a coke plant in Germany and has shown reliable results in performance and wastewater quality.