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ItN Nanovation successfully launches latest sewage treatment plant with ceramic flat membranes in Germany


In contrast to common secondary sedimentation the advantage of the ceramic flat membranes lies in the fact that the sludge flakes are separated from the purified sewage by submerged membrane modules in the sludge basin rather than by sedimation in a big basin.

This process, called „Membrane Bio Reactor“ (MBR) saved the operators considerable investments in large concrete basins. Thanks to their nano coating the ceramic flat membranes have significantly better removal rates for carbons and nutrients as well as microorganisms like coliform bacteria or streptococci. In addition, ItN sees very good chances for elimination of micropollutants like traces of pharmaceuticals or pesticides in this novel sewage plant.

The project’s total costs amount to 3 Mio. € with ItN’s scope of delivery exceeding 900.000 €. The project was funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transportation, Agriculture and Viniculture of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate and was scientifically supported by the Technical University of Kaiserslautern over the course of 18 months.

Thanks to the ItN ceramic flat membranes the water treated by the sewage plant Petersberg has such a high quality that it can be directly discharged into a nearby natural creek. Combined with the considerable cost advantage compared to separation through sedimentation, requiring secondary disinfection, the ItN ceramic flat membranes offer higher quality without additional use of chemicals. This ensures highest quality standards in sewage treatment while protecting the environment.

"As a rather small community in Rhineland-Palatinate we are really proud to be the owner of a sewage treatment plant that uses the latest technology, ensuring  highest hygienic standards." states Thomas Peifer, mayor of the community Thaleischweiler-Fröschen. "Especially the fact that we discharge the water from the sewage plant into a natural creek in Petersberg requires a high cleaning performance. We are confident that our new sewage treatment plant can become a new role model for other sewage treatment facilities in Germany."

ItN’s technology will be guiding the way to a modern and environmentally friendly sewage treatment in Germany.

Starting in February 2011, the construction has progressed to the point that the structure and approval management South (SGD) in Mainz has now approved the commissioning of the sewage plant. The treatment plant will be fully operational by the end of 2013.

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