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Publication Confirmation of a Voting Rights Announcement

ItN Nanovation AG was informed on December 12, 2016 pursuant to Art. 27a(1) WpHG thereby making reference to the exceedance of the threshold of 10% or a higher threshold from November 15, 2016, as follows:

'Reference is made to the notification of voting rights of (i) Mr. Chunlin Zhang, including (ii) SafBon Water Service (Holding) Inc., Shanghai, and (iii) Shanghai SafBon Investment Co., Ltd. dated 16 November 2016 (together hereinafter referred to the 'Notifying Parties').

The Notifying Parties hereby notify the Company pursuant to Sec. 27a para. 1 sentences 1 and 3 WpHG as follows:

1. the investment serves the implementation of strategic objectives;

2. the Notifying Parties are continuously assessing their course of action and may, subject to reaching agreement on a reasonable price, acquire further voting rights of the Company within the next twelve months by means of a purchase or otherwise‎;

3. the Notifying Parties intend to exert influence on the appointment or removal of members of the Company's administrative, managing and supervisory bodies; and

4. as of the date hereof, the Notifying Parties do not strive for further material changes in the capital structure and the dividend policy of the Company.

In respect of the origin of the funds used to acquire the voting rights the Notifying Parties declare pursuant to Sec. 27a para. 1 sentence 4 WpHG that the acquisition of the voting rights in the Company is financed 100% with of own funds (Eigenmittel).'