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The ItN Water Filtration MBCR Container technology being built in Indianola, USA gives thousands of small rural communities across the United States an alternative to traditional wastewater treatment

The MBCR Container branded WetworksTM in the United States combines complete biological treatment via a moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) and our patented CFM Systems® nano-coated flat sheet membranes. WetworksTM is designed to achieve the lower nutrient levels demanded by stringent new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements in the United States.  The system’s remote monitoring capability, energy efficiency, and easy cleaning process also ensure low operating and maintenance costs.  The flexible nature of the modular system allows capacity to be quickly added as necessary without excess up-front investment.  The resulting WetworksTM effluent is free of solids and bacteria and allows for direct reuse of treated water for various purposes.

“We are proud to bring water filtration technology and design innovation to the United States  and along with our patented CFM Systems® nano-coated flat sheet membranes hope our cost effective solutions will help solve water/wastewater treatment needs throughout the States,” says Lutz Bungeroth, a deputy CEO of ItN.

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