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ItN Nanovation AG: Lutz Bungeroth scheidet aus Vorstand aus

Saarbrücken, den 3. April 2017. Herr Lutz Bungeroth, Alleinvorstand der ItN Nanovation AG (ISIN DE000A0JL461), wird mit Ablauf seiner Bestellung in den Vorstand der ItN Nanovation AG am 30. April 2017 aus dem Vorstand ausscheiden und das Unternehmen verlassen.

ItN Nanovation AG first time with positive EBITDA in 2017 expected

  • EBITDA (earnings before interest and taxes) 2017 positive first time in the company's history
  • Turn-over in 2017 of more than Euro 10 million expected
  • Turn-over in January 2017 just below Euro 1,9 million within expectations
  • 80% of the sales forecast 2017 secured already by deliveries and allocations

ItN Nanovation AG sichert Großauftrag aus Saudi-Arabien nach Rücknahme des Insolvenzantrages ab

· Auftrag Al Tabouk aus November 2014 neu abgesichert
· Preiszugeständnisse aufgrund der Marktlage erforderlich
· Belieferung noch in 2017 geplant

New technology of ItN used in largest ever project for desalination of seawater in China

  • SafBon, Shanghai develops large project for seawater desalination at the city of Ying Kou with ItN-technology
  • The total project volume for ItN will be approximately US-$ 20m throughout the next four years
  • Phase 1 of the project with 25% of its volume will be delivered in 2018 already and set up in 2019
  • The new build-up of ItN's production capacity will be ready in time for the delivery

ItN Nanovation AG and SafBon open production building in Nantong

  • SafBon, Shanghai has opened the new building for the production of ceramic flatsheet membranes of ItN in Nantong / China in a ribbon-cutting-ceremony Yesterday.
  • The installation of the production machines will start immediately.
  • With a capacity of 60,000m² p.a. in the first phase production will start in August 2017. Phase two with a production capacity of 140,000m² p.a. will start beginning of 2018.
  • SafBon will invest a total of Euro 60 million into the new production plant within the next twelve months.

ItN Nanovation AG acquires order in new field of business inside the mining industry

  • New field of business: cleaning of mining waste water
  • First order acquired for a borehole in South-Africa
  • The plant will be integrated into a container and shall be in operation in August

ItN Nanovation AG opens first reference project in water re-use in Iran

  • New market in Iran opened for ceramic flat sheet membranes
  • First reference project in re-use opened together with the Ministry of Energy in Tehran
  • Installation inside a building in Tehran under supervision of NWWEC

ItN Nanovation AG develops a new filtration technology for arsenic removal from drinking water

  • Arsenic removal by ItN membranes more effective than reverse osmosis
  • Effectiveness of the new technology proved
  • Sales focus in Iran, India and the USA

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