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Filtration Rack

  • Filtration Rack

The highly compact design of the filtration rack makes it ideal for use in existing plants. It has a fixed number of Modules per Filtration Tower and four Filtration Towers per Filtration Rack.
It has an integrated air scouring system, filtered water & backwash piping as well as a sprinkler system.

Applicable for

Drinking Water

Project Size

 Medium   Large

Type of Ceramic Flat membraneCFM
Type of Filtration ModuleFiltration Module T-Series
Type of RackFiltration Rack MiniFiltration Rack
No. of Filtration Towers4
No. of Filtration Modules per Tower*1014
Total Filtration Area [m²]160224
Total Weight [kg]1,7502,250
Height [mm]1,9102,470
Width [mm]732
Length [mm]2,350

* Other No. of Filtration Modules upon request

Filtration Rack Mini & Filtration Rack

Filtration Rack Mini

Filtration Rack