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ItN Mobile & Compact Solution for Water and Waste Water Treatment


  • Drinking water: Arsenic Removal, Surface Water & Ground water Treatment
  • Reuse and Irrigation: Municipal Wastewater & Industrial Wastewater Treatment

ItN provides a flexible mobile solution for different applications for water and waste water treatment.

The product is suitable for remote areas and small communities to provide drinking water as well as treatment of municipal waste water or industrial wastewater for reuse in remote areas.

The compact solution of ItN is equipped with high-tech control unit for full-automatic operation in a 20-ft. container solution with the capacity of 600 m3/d. The capacity of system can be increased in modular container system or designed in a bigger container package solution, depended on customers’ requirements.

Mobile Container of ItN is flexible to different water & waste wastewater qualities and fluctuations.


Capacity: 600 m3/d for water treatment, increasable per customer’s wish.

ItN offers the mobile container product as pilot plant and test-unit of larger projects as well.