List of ItN Projects

Buraydah Main, Saudi Arabia: Drinking Water Production from Radium-Polluted Brackish Water using ItN´s UF-Systems for RO-Pretreatment with Radium Removal

Client: MOWE Ministry of Water & Electricity Directorate Qassim, Saudi Arabia / CWC Operation & Maintenance Company
Location: Qassim, Saudi Arabia
Volume: 110,000 m³/d

In operation since 2010, this project has demonstrated the high life-time of ItN´s ceramic ultrafiltration membrane system and its ability to remove radium. Removal of iron, manganese and 100 % of TSS is also achieved and there was an improvement in the quality of the filtered water as well as in the overall recovery rate.

Buraydah North, Saudi Arabia: Drinking Water and RO Pretreatment using ItN´s Ceramic UF Systems

Client: Ministry of Water and Electricity (MoWE) of Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia, Qassim
Volume: 60,000 m³/d

In operation since 2012, this project has demonstrated the high life-time of ItN´s ceramic ultrafiltration membrane system and its ability to remove radium with ItN´s patented process Cer@Sorp®. Removal of iron, microorganism, an improvement in the quality of filtered water as well as an overall recovery rate of 99 % was achieved. The life-time of the RO units also increased.



Red Sea Gate, Middle East: Municipal & Industrial Wastewater of Ship Harbor

Client:  Veolia VWS and Red Sea Gate Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Volume: 300 m³/d

In operation since 2011, the biological treatment of municipal sewage and filtration of biologically treated sewage by ceramic membranes was executed by ItN. Discharge of filtered water into Red Sea (sea port area) was possible with the robust filtration material and durable process design using ItN’s MBCR process technology.

Zoo Saarbrücken, Germany: Pool Water Treatment with Ceramic Ultrafiltration and Ozonation

Client: Saarbrücker Zoo
Location: Saarbrücken, Germany
Volume: 105 m³/d

In operation since 2012, a permanent ozonation system with ItN´s ceramic membranes was installed. With cleaning once per year, this system provides healthy water for seals without turbidity, bacteria, germs and pathogens.

Petersberg, Germany: Municipal MBR Plant with CFM Systems®

Client: Community Thaleischweiler-Froeschen, Germany
Location: Petersberg, Germany
Volume: 1,350 m³/d

In operation since 2013, the modern ceramic MBR design using pre-fabricated electro-mechanical and control equipment led to a fast and cost-efficient on site installation.The ItN ceramic flat membranes offer higher quality while requiring fewer chemicals. This delivers the highest quality standards in sewage treatment and sustainably protects the environment. The modular process with four ceramic filtration trains ensures an optimized operation during dry weather or highest storm water cases. An intermittent air scouring of the ceramic flat membranes contributes to save energy.

ISKI Ataköy, Turkey: Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI)
Volume: 50 m³/d

The MBCR compact filtration container is a unique tool to treat municipal and industrial waste water for smaller entities up to about 3,000 PE. The big advantages are shown during the trial at Ataköy plant.

The MBCR reliable performance has been confirmed by the govermental institute "Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration":

  • Maximum BOD & COD removal
  • Effective biological removal of Ntot, NO3-N, NH4-N, Ptot in the MBCR container
  • Cost-effective CAPEX and OPEX in comparison to convential methods 


Coking Plant ZKS, Germany: Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Client: Zentralkokerei Saar, Coke Plant, Saarland, Germany
Location: Dillingen, Saarland
Volume: 10 m³/d

Piloting took place from 2014 to 2016. Coking plant waste water is very harsh wastewater and contains very high COD and toxic material such as cyanide.

ItN has developed a new patented process for coking plants to remove COD, cyanide and TSS simultaneously from wastewater with ceramic flat membranes using CFM Systems®. This piloting project has been carried out for 2 years at a coke plant in Germany and has shown reliable results in performance and wastewater quality.

St. Wendel Hotel, Germany: Wastewater Treatment for Reuse in Irrigation & Toilet Flush

Client: St. Wendel Hotel
Location: st. Wendel Hotel, Germany
Volume: 50 m³/d

In operation since 2007, the ItN ceramic UF served as the process for simple sludge treatment method. The wastewater after passing the MBR process is used for irrigation and flushing of lavatories in the hotel. No change of ceramic membranes was required.


Al Hameima, Saudi Arabia: RO Pretreatment for Drinking Water

Client: Municipality Saudi
Location: Saudi Arabia
Volume: 106,177 m³/d

Under Construction since 2017, this project has delivered more than 99 % water recovery via high-tech RO pretreatment with ceramic UF and removing radium, TSS, iron, manganese in one step with CFM Systems®.

Burbach, Germany: Municipal Wastewater Treatment with MBCR

Client: EVS Saarbrücken, Municipality Burbach, Germany
Location: Burbach, Germany
Volume: 50 m³/d

In operation since 2011, this MBCR, Moving Bed Ceramic Reactor, using Ceramic UF, has been operating successfully in cooperation with EVS Saarland. ItN remains operator of the plant, thus ensuring further and ongoing improvement of ItN´s technologies.


NWWEC, Iran: Greywater Treatment with ItN Ceramic UF Membranes

Client: National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company, NWWEC, Tehran, Iran
Location: Tehran, Iran
Volume: 10 m³/d

In Operation since 2017, greywater of the governmental building, National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company, NWWEC, is being treated with ceramic flatsheet membranes for reuse in irrigation and carwashing. The ceramic UF filtration has shown high flux rates and stable performance.